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You could drive all over town visiting different salvage yards and sift through their inventory, or spend hours on the phone explaining your request over and over, and still end up empty handed. Or, you could simply click a button. With Veldman's comprehensive online searches, finding a part has never been easier. We offer you six convenient ways to find the part you need:

Multi-part search

Talk about efficient; with one simple click you can search up to six (6) different parts at once, be it mechanical, body, interior or any combination thereof. The options are (almost) endless.

Image search

Can't remember the exact name of the part? No problem. With our image search, simply locate the piece on the vehicle and the part name will automatically appear.

Inventory search

If you know all the details of what you need: model year, model name/number and part name, the inventory search is the way to go. With one click, we will instantly search our entire inventory to locate your part.

Vin or Year search

If you know the VIN number of the vehicle that needs a replacement part, use the ITS search. It will instantly search our inventory to find an exact match.

Buscar Autopartes

If English is not your first language, use our Spanish-language search to easily find the part you need. No translation required.

Veldman's Vehicle Image Search

Take the guesswork out of parts searching. With Veldman’s unique Vehicle Images search tool you get precise pictures of exact parts. Before the mechanics dismantle a car they take pictures of every salvageable part and add them to this search inventory. So now you can search for a particular part and see how it looks on the exact model of vehicle. No surprises.

If you've exhausted all search options, and still can't find what you're looking for, give us a call. One of our sales representatives would be happy to help locate what you need.